As we discussed last time, I’m trying to wrap up my jigsaw puzzle thingy. At that time I’d just finished the basic mechanics, and I was looking towards a lot of UI work…

Well, enough beating around the bush. The UI is complete.

Wait, What?

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting to finish all of that work in 2 weeks. If you read the last post, you saw the abhorrent state the UI was in before. But somehow, I got it all done. Here’s a timelapse to show how it all went down:

The Title

One thing you may have noticed looking at the video and its title… indeed, my logo doesn’t contain the full title of “Open Pixel Puzzles”. And what is with that simplistic name anyway?

Well, to be honest I had several better names. As it turns out though, there are tons of puzzle apps out there and just about every interesting name has been taken. So, we have our 3-word “Open Pixel Puzzles”. It’s not pretty, but hopefully the aesthetic of the game itself will help it out there.

As for why I left the word “Open” for the logo, I tried a few iterations with it and it didn’t really flow well. I’m a little concerned about the possibility of confusion, but at the same time the word “open” is most useful in text as a signal to FOSS enthusiasts so maybe I’m overthinking things? We’ll see.

Next Steps

With this jump forward, I need to focus on audio and puzzle-making next. Sound effects shouldn’t be too tough, but music will be harder. I’m looking into my options still, but ideally I’ll try to find a composer or use existing permissively-licensed work. It’ll probably be a few weeks before I can get that handled, but I’m still fairly confident that I can release something before the end of the year.

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